5 reasons we are the best web designers in Edinburgh

Web Design Edinburgh

The term Best web designers in Edinburgh is a popular search, when people are Googling for local Edinburgh web designers. So I thought I’d write an article outlining why I think Duncan Weddell & Co are the best web designers in Edinburgh.

1 ) Our pricing is very competitive

Look, we don’t have a fancy city centre office or rediculous expense accounts. This means our overheads are way below many other web designers. On top of that, we don’t employ any sales guys or account managers, like the bigger digital agencies do. So our costs are minimal and this is reflected in the price.

Some web designers may be cheaper. Normally this means they are just starting out and don’t have the necessary experience. Or they are underselling themselves and will soon be out of business, leaving you in the lurch.

Our pricing is very transparent. The prices are on the Duncan Weddell & Co website. We don’t tailor our pricing to match the client. If our pricing fits your budget, then let’s do business. If we are too cheap or expensive, you can try elsewhere and no one’s time has been wasted.

2) We design and build top notch websites

Quality and thoroughness is extremely important to us. We always ensure, we design and build websites to the highest standards. We try to match and exceed your requirements, every step of the way.

We know that we create excellent websites, because we are experts in our respective fields and know what we are doing, inside out. I’m a specialist using the Enfold WordPress theme. As a result I can get the best out of this software, to produce websites that look great and function perfectly on any device. Importantly, I also know how best to generate new sales from a website.

In addition to producing top quality websites, our service is also excellent. We are all front-of-house people and very easy to deal with. Too often, web guys have poor people skills. We can clearly converse web design in plain English and make the whole experience of getting a new website, a pleasure.

3) We’ve got loads of experience

Over 17 years and counting in this game. During this time, we’ve perfected what we do. We know what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to web design.

Personally, I’ve been involved in web design since the crazy dotcom days and in SEO since 2005. I’ve managed to succeed in this business by adapting to the ever evolving online landscape.

Due to having bags of experience, we are super efficient and can clearly explain the various options available. You won’t be a testing ground for our learning curve. Although we are human and mistakes are made, most of the biggies are in the past.

The rest of the team also have considerable experience in their respective niches. Again this makes the whole web design process very slick and professional. You are a business person and we respect that, because so are we too.

4) We build lasting business relationships

We are in business for the long haul. We want to help your company prosper. Many of our clients have been with us for years and over time we’ve grown together.

Not only do we want to continue to do business with you, it’s in our best interest to do so. If we don’t go the extra mile, your business could suffer. However, if we go above and beyond and help you grow, this benefits us to; as you are more likely to recommend us or commission new work.

Many clients entrust us to look after their website on a monthly basis.  We take care of the website, manage emails and provide ongoing support. Having one less stress as a business owner frees up time for you to focus on your company.

5) We love what we do

We really do. From the initial meeting, through to making a website go live; we love what we do.

To us, being web designers is a great profession to be in. We get to unleash our creativity and come up with ideas and concepts that will enhance your company’s online presence. It is extremely satisfying seeing the fruits of your labours when a website goes live. It is even more rewarding seeing your company go from strength to strength as a result of work we’ve done.

The best bit though, is meeting dynamic and forward thinking business people. Getting an insight into how various companies tick and feeding off the enthusiasm and energy of go-ahead entrepreneurs is a real buzz. Even in this digital age, it’s still people that matter!

If this we article has convinced you that we the best web designers in Edinburgh, get in touch.