Reminder of the power of Backlinks

Over the past few months, I’ve been updating the footer section of many websites I manage. The reason being that the old footer.php file in the child theme was causing issues. As I replaced these footer files, I neglected to reinstate a snippet of code containing a link back to my own website. A few […]

Whatsapp and Mobile Web Design

Recently added a nifty wee feature to a website, that enables visitors to communicate directly from the website via Whatsapp. This is a particularly useful feature for small businesses that are not always able to answer the phone. To see this in action, check out Edinburgh based gas and heating services company C1 Gas and […]

Web Design in Berwickshire

I’ve moved to the Berwickshire coast! I’ll now be working primarily from an office in the center of historic Berwick-upon-Tweed. I may be further from Edinburgh, but with the new train station in Reston, I can still meet up in Edinburgh for meetings. If you are heading down the A1 and need to discuss your […]

Your input in the web design process

Setting up a new website is a team effort. We work in tandem, with you, the business owner. The best results are achieved when web designers get a lot of input and feedback from their clients. Here are some of the inputs which help us and ultimately help deliver a website that perfectly matches your […]

Top Paid for Plugins

Most websites require additional plugins. But what is a plugin? WordPress is great for building websites, but sometimes you need an extra feature or functionality that the WordPress platform does not provide.  Essentially, a plugin is an additional bit of software. Plugins can perform a multitude of different rolls, from styling forms to selling products […]

Save on your Ecommerce Website

Setting up an ecommerce website is a substantial investment for most businesses. The cost breakdown is divided between development time and the cost of software. Website Development As we work remotely and have few overheads, our development costs are lower. In addition, as we do not employ project managers, instead working directly with you, our […]

Awakened Web Design

A new world is forming, but we must make sure it is in the best interests of humanity and not the vision currently being implemented by the technocrats. Pockets of resistance to the technocracy are forming worldwide. Here in Scotland, Awakened Pages have a set up a platform for companies that are resisting the ‘new […]

Its never been more important to have a good eCommerce website

If you have a business, selling things, it has never been more critical to have a good eCommerce website. During this period of lockdown, online sales have skyrocketed! Even once we are allowed out again, consumers are likely to continue purchasing more of the products and services they need online. For your business to survive, […]

Business Websites Edinburgh

Are you an Edinburgh business in need of a new website? Then look no further! Local web designer, Duncan Weddell & Co have been creating top-quality websites for Edinburgh businesses, for over 17 years. We are experts in creating websites, using WordPress, that will enhance your business, improving your online presence and generating more sales. […]

Now is the time for a new website

Many successful companies have been born during recessions. Think Disney, Microsoft and Apple. In the last financial meltdown, Bitcoin emerged to overcome the problems we are now facing! In today’s environment, the time is ripe for change. If you suddenly have time to set up that new venture you’ve been mulling over, or your company […]