Now is the time for a new website

Many successful companies have been born during recessions. Think Disney, Microsoft and Apple. In the last financial meltdown, Bitcoin emerged to overcome the problems we are now facing! In today’s environment, the time is ripe for change. If you suddenly have time to set up that new venture you’ve been mulling over, or your company […]

Pay as you go web design

These are uncertain times! To accommodate local companies and entrepreneurs who may be worried about outlaying large amounts for websites, we have adopted a pay as you go model. There are no upfront costs or minimum contracts, and you can cancel at any time. There is no risk on your part. We undertake all the […]

5 reasons we are the best web designers in Edinburgh

The term Best web designers in Edinburgh is a popular search, when people are Googling for local Edinburgh web designers. So I thought I’d write an article outlining why I think Duncan Weddell & Co are the best web designers in Edinburgh. 1 ) Our pricing is very competitive Look, we don’t have a fancy […]

Great things about being a web designer

The other day, someone asked ‘what’s it like being a web designer?‘ This got me thinking. So here are some of the great things about being a web designer: Meeting great characters and inspiring businesses. I love meeting entrepreneurs and seeing how they do things. Often I get tours of their business. You get a […]

Future Proofing your website

Your shiny new website has just been launched and everyone is happy. However, if over time, your website is not continuously updated, problems will occur. It is important to ensure your website is future proofed, so it continues to function as intended. What happens when your site is not future proofed? Many websites are built […]

Free availability calendars for accommodation websites

Great news for self catering and holiday accommodation businesses – we are providing free availability calendars for any new accommodation website in 2020. We use the excellent WP Simple Availability Calendar, which enables you to easily update availability on your website. It even syncs with AirBnB and, saving you time updating availability for your […]

What kind of forms should I use on my website?

Forms are integral to many websites. This article takes a look at what forms you should be using on your website and why. Before setting up a form, you need ask yourself these questions: What information do I want to collect? This is the most important question. Do you collect the minimum amount of info, […]

Should I be using a Call Now Button and Live Chat?

The way your customers interact with your website varies from business to business. Every company needs to know the best way to communicate with their customers. For some it’s a form or email and for others its a phone call or web chat. This article discusses the reasons for using a floating Call Now Button […]

Why it is essential to use an SSL certificate

In today’s world it is more important than ever to have an SSL certificate on your website. This short article discusses what an SSL is, why you need it and how to get one for your site. What is an SSL certificate? An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate encrypts data shared on your website. You […]

Most commonly used plugins

This article details what plugins we recommend for all WordPress websites. What is a plugin? A plugin is an extra bit of software, that can be added to your WordPress website, to add extra features and functions. Plugins can either be downloaded for free directly from WordPress, or purchased from independent companies. As web designers, […]