Web Design for Self Catering Accommodation

Its that time to start booking holiday accommodation in Scotland. Recently set up new websites for some awesome holiday cottages on the Isle of  Tiree and the Mull of Kintyre. Both websites include availability calendars: enabling the owners to easily update the website to show the accommodation is booked of free. Seabreeze Cottages   Kintyre […]

University and Medical Sector websites

Been a while since I’ve written a post. This is something I normally warn clients against, as its important to keep your site up-to-date and fresh. Writing regular posts helps to keep your visitors engaged and is also beneficial for search engine rankings. So, its been a busy autumn. Spin offs from Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University […]

What does the hosting, maintenance and support package cover?

We provide a hosting, maintenance and support package for all new clients. Here is an overview of what this covers. Hosting We host your website on the super-fast SiteGround cloud hosting platform. The main benefits of cloud hosting compared to traditional shared hosting are: scalability, reliability, and easy data recovery. More info here. In addition, […]

Recent web design projects

Well, its been a very busy few months! Been engrossed in a large and complex job for IDRIC (Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre). This project has been a joint effort with leading design agency – Tangent and the team at IDRIC. Its been a long process, but hopefully we have developed a site that […]

Backlinks Continued…

A wee follow up to my previous post about backlinks. My last post explained the benefits of backlinks and how I needed to undo my mistake of removing them. Well…. good news! I put the links back and my site has rocked to the top of search engines! Happy days. Just goes to show how […]

Reminder of the power of Backlinks

Over the past few months, I’ve been updating the footer section of many websites I manage. The reason being that the old footer.php file in the child theme was causing issues. As I replaced these footer files, I neglected to reinstate a snippet of code containing a link back to my own website. A few […]

Whatsapp and Mobile Web Design

Recently added a nifty wee feature to a website, that enables visitors to communicate directly from the website via Whatsapp. This is a particularly useful feature for small businesses that are not always able to answer the phone. To see this in action, check out Edinburgh based gas and heating services company C1 Gas and […]

Web Design in Berwickshire

I’ve moved to the Berwickshire coast! I’ll now be working primarily from an office in the center of historic Berwick-upon-Tweed. I may be further from Edinburgh, but with the new train station in Reston, I can still meet up in Edinburgh for meetings. If you are heading down the A1 and need to discuss your […]

Your input in the web design process

Setting up a new website is a team effort. We work in tandem, with you, the business owner. The best results are achieved when web designers get a lot of input and feedback from their clients. Here are some of the inputs which help us and ultimately help deliver a website that perfectly matches your […]

Top Paid for Plugins

Most websites require additional plugins. But what is a plugin? WordPress is great for building websites, but sometimes you need an extra feature or functionality that the WordPress platform does not provide.  Essentially, a plugin is an additional bit of software. Plugins can perform a multitude of different rolls, from styling forms to selling products […]