Common Website Design Questions

This article details some of the questions, I commonly get asked, when it comes to designing websites. Lets jump straight in. Why use your web design service, when we could use Wix? I get asked this question a lot. If you want to create your own website, then by all means use a service like […]

Web Design – Our Process from Start to Finish

Knowing how we will be working with you is important. Web design is a two-way process. We do the work, but we also need input from you! Outlined below is how we normally go about the process of creating a website for our clients. Getting to Know Each Other After the initial contact, we’ll arrange […]

Tips on choosing your Edinburgh Web Design Company

Below are the top tips, when it comes to choosing an Edinburgh web design company, to create a website for your business. Price Obviously price is critical. In order to get an accurate price it is important to provide a detailed brief. This helps the web design company determine how much work is required. Also […]

Why your Ecommerce Website should be Accepting Bitcoin

After all the hype surrounding Bitcoin and Cryptos in 2017 and the subsequent crash in 2018, many people think Bitcoin is a bubble that has burst. Wrong! Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology is here to stay and it will be transforming our lives, just like the Internet has. Now is the time to familiarize […]