As far as we are know, we’re the only web designers in Edinburgh who provide a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency integration service!

Its early days in the crypto world, but that shouldn’t stop you getting involved. Now is the time to learn about Bitcoin and integrate into your website. It wont be long before using digital currencies is the norm and you’ll need to be up to speed with the new way of doing business.

We can show you the ropes and integrate cryptos into your website. Even if you don’t envisage doing much crypto-business initially, it’s a great way to promote your business, just as BrewDog have done (more here).


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We’ll hold your hand and show you how to start using cryptos and accepting them through your website

  • Set up a Digital Wallet

    We will show you how to set up a wallet and merchant account with Crypto payments companies

  • How to use your Crptos

    Learn how to send and receive cryptos, in addition to taking crypto payments via the website.

  • Integrate into your website

    If you have an ecommerce site, we’ll add Bitcoin and Cryptos as a payment option.

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