Great things about being a web designer

The other day, someone asked ‘what’s it like being a web designer?‘ This got me thinking. So here are some of the great things about being a web designer:

Meeting great characters and inspiring businesses.

I love meeting entrepreneurs and seeing how they do things. Often I get tours of their business. You get a real buzz from being around go-ahead people who are building very successful businesses. Their energy and enthusiasm is inspiring.

Helping businesses succeed

I really enjoy helping businesses succeed. It is very satisfying, seeing a business prosper, partly due to the web design work I’ve done.

Get to be part of a team

Working closely with a dynamic company is great. The business needs you and you need it. I feel as though I’m working in team, except I don’t need to turn up at the company office by 9am.

Keeps you on your toes

Web design is continuously evolving, so you have to adapt to survive. I love this, as it means I never get stale and I am always learning and looking for new niches and angles.

Get to be creative and problem solve

I guess I’m a creative person. It is very enjoyable letting your imagination rip and come up with concepts and ideas. In addition, there is a lot of problem solving. This helps the other side of my brain function and stops me being a permanent dreamer.

It’s still the Wild West

The Internet has been around for over 20 years, but amazingly it is still the Wild West. What I mean by this, is there are virtually no rules or regulations. This is great if you are a freedom lover like me. There is no one or any regulatory body telling me what to do or conform to.

People think you’re hip

This is funny. Some people think you are really hip because you are a web designer. Sometimes I feel the need to don thick glasses and a checked shirt, just so I don’t disappoint!