Now is the time for a new website

Many successful companies have been born during recessions. Think Disney, Microsoft and Apple. In the last financial meltdown, Bitcoin emerged to overcome the problems we are now facing!

In today’s environment, the time is ripe for change. If you suddenly have time to set up that new venture you’ve been mulling over, or your company is being forced to change direction, you’ll need an appropriate website.

If you can put aside the anxiety, these are exciting times to start something new. The World is changing as we know it, and we all need to keep up. One constant, however, is the internet is here to stay, and we are more reliant than ever. A good website is critical to all businesses.

As a local Edinburgh web design company, we are adapting to these changing times too. We now offer a pay as you go web design service. We can realise that new idea or change of company focus, for a minimal monthly cost. The benefits of monthly web design include improving cashflow, spreading the cost over time and ongoing monthly maintenance and support.

We are very established and have a good reputation. We are also well placed to stomach the current downturn and have strategies in place to emerge better and stronger than ever.

Let us take the risk and get your new website up and running today.