Save on your Ecommerce Website


Setting up an ecommerce website is a substantial investment for most businesses. The cost breakdown is divided between development time and the cost of software.

Website Development

As we work remotely and have few overheads, our development costs are lower. In addition, as we do not employ project managers, instead working directly with you, our labour costs are dramatically reduced. Finally, we are very experienced web designers, so we can get the job done quickly too.

Ecommerce Software

The next biggest expense is software. Fortunately, the basic WooCommerce platform we use, is open source and therefore free. The way WooCommerce makes money is by selling plugins to enable additional features. Most ecommerce websites require these extras. If you are purchasing additional plugins directly from WooCommerce, or other developers, the cost of creating your website can quickly rack up! For example, if you want a subscriptions feature on your website, the cost would be $199 a year from WooCommerce.

It is possible to still add these features, without paying top dollar. We have an account with GPLDL, a repository of WooCommerce plugins and can download and install most leading plugins, completely free of charge. This is perfectly legal, under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The software is exactly the same as from WooCommerce, except you are not entitled to support or upgrades.

So if you are looking for a bespoke ecommerce solution, we can set this up, at a far lower cost than many of our larger rivals.

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