Should I be using a Call Now Button and Live Chat?

Call Now or Live Chat

The way your customers interact with your website varies from business to business. Every company needs to know the best way to communicate with their customers. For some it’s a form or email and for others its a phone call or web chat. This article discusses the reasons for using a floating Call Now Button or a Live Chat facility.

Call Now Button

If your customers predominantly access your website on a mobile and/or need to contact you urgently, a call now button is a good idea.

Call Now buttons can be setup by installing one of number of plugins available. The advantage of a Call Now Button is that it floats at the foot of the screen and is always visible to your customers. There is no need to search for a contact page and the prominence of the button almost encourages the user to make that call!

An example of this in action is this site (uses a discrete icon) or Alcatraz Edinburgh Locksmiths which a full width ‘Call Now’ button.

Call Now ButtonsLive Chat

The way users interact with companies is changing. Often people don’t want to call or wait for a response from an email. Instead they want instant chat. This is where Live Chat comes in. With Live Chat your customer initiates a conversation. During the conversation you can gather info, which you can then use to close a sale or step up the enquiry. Another benefit of Live Chat, is you can communicate on the go, or when you are not in the mood to talk over the phone.

Examples of Live Chat in action are incovo, Pawling Systems and City PC Repairs.

Live Chat

If you would like either a Call Now Button or Live Chat widget set up on your website – get in touch.