Top Paid for Plugins

Most websites require additional plugins. But what is a plugin?

WordPress is great for building websites, but sometimes you need an extra feature or functionality that the WordPress platform does not provide.  Essentially, a plugin is an additional bit of software. Plugins can perform a multitude of different rolls, from styling forms to selling products online.

Many plugins are free of charge and you simply download and install. Others need to be purchased and a licence renewed. Here is a list of the most popular paid plugins I tend to install on websites:


The ultimate security plugin. WordFence enables to you block dubious IP addresses, add Two Factor Authentication and and scan for malware. For any business taking the security of their website seriously (especially ecommerce), this plugin is a must.

Cost: $89/yr

WP Rocket

I love WP Rocket. Definitely the best plugin for speeding up your website. It minimizes files sizes, improves caching and much more.

Cost: $49

Business Reviews Bundle

Reviews are so important for any company. This nifty plugin lets you display Google and Facebook reviews directly on to your website. The pro version gives you classy styling options and control over which reviews to display.

Cost: $85/yr

Yoast Local

For local companies that want to get found for location specific search terms (e.g. Web Designers Edinburgh)  this plugin is what you need. It converts your business details into Schema format, syncs opening hours and other business information with your Google Places listing. Essential for all local businesses.

Cost: £69