What does the hosting, maintenance and support package cover?

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We provide a hosting, maintenance and support package for all new clients. Here is an overview of what this covers.


We host your website on the super-fast SiteGround cloud hosting platform. The main benefits of cloud hosting compared to traditional shared hosting are: scalability, reliability, and easy data recovery. More info here.

In addition, we set up and manage all your email accounts should, you wish to use SiteGround for emails. Some of our clients prefer to use external email services such as Google Workspace or Proton Mail, in which case we can update the domain DNS to point at these services.

Finally, the package also includes the registration and renewal of your primary domain name. If you already have a domain name, we can transfer and renew it, so all your website costs are under one roof.


We undertake the following maintenance duties:

  1. Updates to WordPress, Enfold Theme and the plugins used on the site. This is essential to keep the site functioning correctly and deal with any bugs that may arise as a result of updates.
  2. Small updates to the website, i.e. update phone number or publishing a blog post (larger updates are quoted for)
  3. Website revamp after 2 years. We’ll restyle and improve on the website if you feel it needs a makeover (complete overall and rebuild would require a quote)
  4. Daily website backups


We are available by phone, email and WhatsApp, during normal working hours,  to deal with any technical issues, or general website related queries.


Costs for typical websites are below.

  1. Brochure style website – from £45 per month
  2. Ecommerce website – £65 per month

For websites that require more maintenance or higher hosting specifications, we will provide a quote.