Your input in the web design process

Setting up a new website is a team effort. We work in tandem, with you, the business owner. The best results are achieved when web designers get a lot of input and feedback from their clients.

Here are some of the inputs which help us and ultimately help deliver a website that perfectly matches your requirements.


Well written copy is essential. Copy tells your visitors what you do and helps sell your products and services. It is also vital for search engines. Without optimised copy, a search engine cannot gauge the theme of your website.

The core pages of your site require at least 300 words of optimised copy. We will provide guidance on how to write copy for search engines.

Keyword Research

Before writing any copy, it is best to research what keywords you want to be found for. It is important to optimise for terms that people are actually searching for. Also, if the search term is generic such as ‘Web Designer’ it is best to find a niche and more specific version of that term, e.g. ‘Web Designer Edinburgh’.

By doing a simple search on Google and taking a note of Related searches, you can get idea of what terms people are searching for. Or if you want better analysis, you can use online tools, such as or


A picture says a 100 words. Good quality images are very important when it comes to web design. Most of your visitors will probably focus on website images ahead any copy.

Using a professional photographer is well worth the money. If on a lower budget, photo libraries, such as provide good quality images, at a lower cost.

Images you provide us with, should be at least 1500px wide. We can resize smaller if necessary and optimise for web.

A top tip is to include humans in your images. People relate to images with other people in them. People will trust a site more that has profile pics of key staff.

Tells us what you like

So we know where you are coming from, if you can provide examples of websites you like. Tell us why you like these sites, such as good design, cool features or great usability. The more info we have from you, the more likely we will create a site you’ll like 🙂

Give us feedback

We employ a prototyping process when designing and building a website. This give you the opportunity to test out the site as its being developed. You can provide us with feedback on areas such as layout, colours, fonts, features etc. The more you get involved, the better the final product.

To discuss your website, get in touch.